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What’s new in Flutter 3?    

  • By admin
  • November 14, 2022


On all desktop platforms, Flutter 3 is live and ready for production! We are thrilled and eager to showcase everything Flutter has to offer, including the addition of support for Apple Silicon, incredible performance enhancements for web and mobile, and support for macOS and Linux. Here are a few extra pointers for you. Now let’s get down to business. With better performance, Material You support, and productivity changes, Flutter 3 also enhances several foundations.

what's new in flutter


With Flutter 3, developers can create stunning experiences for six platforms using a single codebase, resulting in unmatched developer efficiency, and empowering start-ups to immediately introduce innovative concepts to the entire addressable market. Flutter has added stable support for macOS and Linux apps to its earlier releases of iOS and Android as well as web and Windows support. More than just rendering pixels is needed to provide platform compatibility, which also calls for new input and interaction models, compiler and build support, accessibility and internationalization, and platform-specific integration.

The following features are present in both stable versions of Linux and macOS:

Cascading menus and support for the macOS system menu bar

The Platform Menu Bar widget, which permits the insertion of platform-only menus and gives you control over what appears in the macOS application menus, allows you to now construct platform-rendered menu bars on macOS.

Accessibility on all desktop platforms

Accessibility features including screen readers, accessible navigation, and inverted colors are supported by Flutter on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Full support for international text input on all desktop platforms

All three desktop platforms fully support international text input, including for languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean that use text input method editors (IMEs), as well as third-party input tools like Sogou and Google Japanese Input.

Deprecating Windows 7/8 for development

With this update, Windows 10 is now the preferred Windows OS for development. Although Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 are not being blocked from development, Microsoft no longer supports them, and we only offer restricted testing for these editions. We recommend you upgrade even though we will continue to make a “best effort” to maintain older versions.

Universal binaries by default on macOS

With the release of Flutter 3, macOS desktop programmes for the platform are created as universal binaries with native compatibility for both current Intel-based Macs and the newest Apple silicon devices.

These are the most important features in Flutter 3 Web development. We will cover the latest exciting features in Flutter 3 for web and mobile development in the next article.

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