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Flutter -The Perfect Fit For Your Project

  • By admin
  • August 12, 2020

The usage of mobile applications is growing, to support the same a variety of platforms have been established to develop different sorts of applications. Flutter app development is now taking over the top mobile app development companies in India. Mobile app development on hybrid platforms streamlines the process and Flutter is the most preferred cross-platform mobile framework used by worldwide developers.

Flutter has become increasingly popular to create intuitive and feature-rich apps for different operating systems while achieving native performance and visual consistency on different platforms. Flutter also includes hot features and achieves native performance and visual consistency on different platforms allowing for smoother coding. Flutter is the second most popular choice of cross-platform mobile framework and it indicates the growing popularity of Flutter app development for both small and large-scale businesses.

Flutter app development technology allows us to build aesthetically pleasing apps in record-breaking time.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a new open-source technology to create stunning native Android and iOS applications. The Flutter mobile application development framework provides SDK for creating and deploying visually appealing mobile apps following its simple procedures. Flutter’s biggest benefit is that it can be developed by a single person and is very beneficial for developing native mobile and web apps from a single code base. The primary benefit of Flutter is that a single developer will develop the code, and it will be cross-platform compatible requiring you to fill in the gaps with your code to complete the structure functionality. Flutter comes pre-configured with everything essential for developing cross-platform apps to leverage rendering engines, pre-built widgets, testing and integrating APIs, and more.

This means the flutter development procedure uses one programming language and one codebase to create two different apps, that is, for android and iOS. There are two different important parts: software development kit and framework. The SDK is a collection of tools and APIs that helps to create fully-functional applications. A framework is reusable UI elements that can be customised for any personalised needs. 

Let us check out the three major architectural layers of flutter

an embedder, AC/C++ engine and Dart-based framework. An embedder enables the app to operate on any OS, the AC/C++ engine contains graphics, layout, support, plugins, etc to be implemented on APIs and the Dart-based framework offers a robust collection of libraries to fulfil your development needs.

Flutter development uses more popular languages among which Dart is simple to learn on which flutter is highly dependent. 

Why Choose Flutter App Development?

Flutter is the most popular and demanding technology that speeds up the development process, reduces development costs, and helps build an app with interactive designs and smooth animations. Here are the benefits of opting for flutter for developing cross-platform mobile app development.  

Cross-platform support

Flutter develops natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase working both on Android and iOS. The simultaneous development of two apps saves a lot of time. 

Quicker time to market

Flutter uses a single code compared to other programming languages and frameworks helping with an easy entrance to the market attracting both users of Android and iOS alike.


One instead of two in terms of coding is really an advantage and lets you save fortunes and reduces the headache and stress of complexity. With Flutter, the best mobile app development Cochin,can be fast and furious on a lesser budget.

Top-notch user experience

A flexible and expressive UI is the favourable output style of flutter. It allows developers to create stunning user interfaces and facilitate the top-notch performance of the apps and seamless user experience.

Google guaranteed

Flutter apps get years-long support guaranteed from Google with their continuous contribution to the Flutter technology. Google and their contributions is proof that this technology will be around for a long time and well available for the maintenance of the already developed apps.

International reach

Flutter offers localised support in international markets which lies beneficial for companies planning to launch in international markets to go ahead with flutter apps. Flutter owns many in-built functions that make it easy to localise the app software.

Best suited for MVP

Using Flutter for app development can help with easiness to build and launch making a better app in the next iteration. As Flutter is compatible with Firebase, there does not come any requirement for separate backends for building simple MVPs. 

Elevated Performance

Flutter shows a higher performance when compared to others and renders enhanced speed. 

Our goal is simple, to make things that people care about. We were founded on this principle and we will always be commited to it.

Types of Applications to go with Flutter

Gaming Apps

Flutter performs faster than other frameworks which is vital for a successful app in the gaming industry. Games have to rush smooth and quick, so the Flutter app development is a great choice in the gaming industry.

On-demand Apps

On-demand applications found their potential during the pandemic and are achieved well with Flutter app development. High-speed performance, exceptional design, and a great user interface make it adorable for the market.

Editing Apps

Flutter app development includes the creation of applications for photo editing apps to render personalised experiences and is a must-have tool to opt for the ones who use social media profiles. Flutter does this easy and simple with the utmost advanced features.